Supporting Julius

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Future plans for Julius include a studio recording and a Julius film-opera, as well as an eventual performance in the U.S. But given the size of the production and the number of artists and performers involved, each of these plans requires great support from private, public, and corporate donors to become a reality.

OPEROMANIJA is the Lithuanian arts nonprofit which organized the contemporary opera festival (NOA Festival) at which Julius was premiered and is currently planning the above-mentioned studio recording and film-opera. In addition to the production of several operas by both Lithuanian and foreign composers during the year, the organization presents other festivals and concerts, hosts lectures by notable artists, and organizes collaborative workshops.

There are two options for donating to Julius. First, anyone is welcome to donate directly to OPEROMANIJA by wire transfer.  This is often the easiest and certainly the quickest method of support.  For U.S. citizens wishing to make a tax-deductible contribution, however, the U.S.-Baltic Foundation (USBF) will accept donations on behalf of Julius and forward most of the amount directly to OPEROMANIJA, the remainder going to support the USBF and its mission.

For OPEROMANIJA's bank information, send an e-mail to or directly to the organization's director, Ana Ablamonova, at For information about donating through the USBF, visit its donation information page. When donating to the USBF, be sure to specify that you would like your donation to go to Julius.

In addition to financial support for Julius, the creators of the opera welcome any ideas or suggestions about the future, including ideas about future performances or projects, other means of support, as well as how we can reach a wider audience.  Send your thoughts, comments, or questions to!

Thank you in advance for your time, interest, and support!